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The 20 latest sailboat updated :

SailboatHull lengthFirst built hull
Elan 410 Standard40.3 ft2007
Elan 410 Deep draft40.3 ft2007
Grand Soleil 43 - J&J Sport42.6 ft1998
Grand Soleil 43 - J&J Shoal draft42.6 ft1998
Grand Soleil 43 - J&J Standard42.6 ft1998
Elan 310 Deep draft30.3 ft2009
Elan 310 Standard30.3 ft2009
Elan 340 Deep draft32.8 ft2006
Elan 340 Standard32.8 ft2006
Elan 350 Standard34.8 ft2011
Elan 350 Deep draft34.8 ft2011
Elan 380 Deep draft37.2 ft2008
Elan 380 Standard37.2 ft2008
First 35 - Farr Shoal draft35 ft2010
First 35 - Farr Deep draft35 ft2010
First 40 Deep draft40.2 ft2008
First 40 Shoal draft40.2 ft2008
First 40 Lead keel40.2 ft2008
Océanis 60 Shoal draft58.2 ft2015
Océanis 60 Deep draft58.2 ft2015