Sailboat specifications and datasheets

Yachting France

Yachting France is a boat builder based in France. This shipyard has built, in particular, sailboats based on designs.

Yachting France produces about 1970 boats every year and markets, among others, Jouët sailboat models.

7 specifications of sailboat built by Yachting France are available on

SailboatHull lengthFirst built hull
Dufour 4241’ 1”1985
Jouët 1080 Deep draft35’ 5”1983
Jouët 2423’ 7”1977
Jouët 600 Fin keel19’ 8”1979
Jouët 680 Centerboard (Trunk)21’ 6”1978
Jouët 920 Deep draft30’ 5”1979
Lacoste 4241’ 1”1985