Sailboat specifications and datasheets


Moody , founded by John Moody, is a boat builder based in United Kingdom since 1935. This shipyard has built, in particular, sailboats based on Bill Dixon and Angus Primrose designs.

14 specifications of sailboat built by Moody are available on


SailboatHull lengthFirst built hull
Moody 31 MkI Fin keel30’ 8”1983
Moody 31 MkI Twin keel30’ 8”1983
Moody 33S33’1979
Moody 36 - Primrose36’1977
Moody 41 Aft Deep draft41’ 8”2009
Moody 41 Aft Shoal draft41’ 8”2009
Moody 45 Aft Deep draft45’2010
Moody 45 Aft Shoal draft45’2010
Moody 45 DS Deep draft45’2008
Moody 45 DS Shoal draft45’2008
Moody 52 Deep draft52’1976
Moody 52 Standard52’1976
Moody 54 DS Deep draft56’ 1”2014
Moody 54 DS Shoal draft56’ 1”2014