Sailboat specifications and datasheets


Kelt, founded by Gilles Le Baud, is a boat builder based in France since 1974. This shipyard has built, in particular, sailboats based on Philippe Briand and Gilles Ollier designs.

7 specifications of sailboat built by Kelt are available on


SailboatHull lengthFirst built hull
Kelt 5.50 Lifting keel17’ 11”1978
Kelt 6.20 Fin keel20’ 4”1974
Kelt 7.60 Keel and centerboard24’ 11”1979
Kelt 8.50 Centerboard (Trunk)27’ 11”1983
Kelt 8m Deep draft26’ 2”1977
Kelt 9m Fin keel29’ 6”1981
Kelt 9m Keel and centerboard29’ 6”1981