Sailboat specifications and datasheets

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones is a naval designer from United Kingdom. He works in particular with Oyster and Northshore yards.

9 specifications of sailboat designed by Stephen Jones are available on

SailboatHull lengthFirst built hull
Oyster SJ3534’ 10”1983
Oyster SJ41 Mast head rigging39’ 8”1980
Oyster SJ41 Fractionnal rigging39’ 8”1980
Oyster SJ43 Fractionnal rigging43’ 5”1981
Oyster SJ43 Mast head rigging43’ 5”1981
Southerly 3232’ 8”2007
Southerly 33032’ 8”2017
Southerly 4747’ 4”2012
Southerly 47047’ 4”2017