Sailboat specifications and datasheets

Niels Jeppesen

Niels Jeppesen is a naval designer from Denmark. He works in particular with X-Yachts yards.

55 specifications of sailboat designed by Niels Jeppesen are available on


SailboatHull lengthFirst built hull
IMX 3837’ 5”1992
IMX 4039’ 8”2000
IMX 4545’ 1”2002
IMX 7070’ 2”2005
X-302 Mk II29’ 11”1994
X-312 Fractionnal rigging30’ 4”1989
X-312 Mast head rigging30’ 4”1989
X-332 Sport33’1994
X-332 Standard33’1994
X-34 Standard34’2007
X-34 Shoal draft34’2007
X-342 Fractionnal rigging33’ 6”1988
X-342 Mast head rigging33’ 6”1988
X-3534’ 10”2005
X-362 Classic35’ 2”1998
X-362 Sport35’ 2”1998
X-37 Shoal draft37’ 2”2004
X-37 Sport37’ 2”2004
X-37 Standard37’ 2”2004
X-372 Fractionnal rigging36’ 4”1987
X-372 Mast head rigging36’ 4”1987
X-40 Standard40’2004
X-40 Shoal draft40’2004
X-40 Sport40’2004
X-4140’ 6”2006
X-43 Shoal draft42’ 5”2003
X-43 Sport42’ 5”2003
X-43 Standard42’ 5”2003
X-44244’ 4”1993
X-46 Deep draft46’2003
X-46 Shoal draft46’2003
X-46 Standard46’2003
X-48247’ 7”1996
X-50 Shoal draft50’2004
X-50 Standard50’2004
X-512 Shoal draft51’ 1”1990
X-512 Standard51’ 1”1990
X-55 Medium draft55’2005
X-55 Shoal draft55’2005
X-55 Standard55’2005
X-56255’ 8”1999
X-612 Shoal draft60’1995
X-612 Standard60’1995
X-7926’ 1”1979
X-99 Mk II32’ 7”1985
X43 Deep draft41’2016
X43 Shoal draft41’2016
X43 Standard41’2016
X65 Deep draft63’2016
X65 Shoal draft63’2016
X65 Standard63’2016
Xc 35 Shoal draft34’2014
Xc 35 Standard34’2014