Sailboat specifications and datasheets

IDB Marine

IDB Marine , founded by Denis Bourbigot, is a boat builder based in France since 2005. This shipyard has built, in particular, sailboats based on Pierre Rolland and Julien Marin designs.

IDB Marine produces about 10 boats every year and markets, among others, Mojito and Malango sailboat models.

5 specifications of sailboat built by IDB Marine are available on


SailboatHull lengthFirst built hull
Malango 1045 Swing keel34’ 4”2013
Malango 1088 Swing keel36’ 1”2017
Malango 888 Swing keel29’ 1”2015
Malango 999 Swing keel32’ 10”2009
Mojito 888 Swing keel29’ 1”2015