Sailboat specifications and datasheets

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71 builders and shipyards are listed on
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NameNumber of sailboats
Nordship Yachts6 sailboats
Northshore 15 sailboats
Oceanlake Marine2 sailboats
Ofcet3 sailboats
Outremer Yachting 5 sailboats
Ovington Boats5 sailboats
Oyster33 sailboats
Pouvreau 2 sailboats
Premier Composite Technologies6 sailboats
Quorning Boats11 sailboats
RS Sailing37 sailboats
Seascape 5 sailboats
Shipman3 sailboats
Siltala Yachts4 sailboats
SMAP Neptune 3 sailboats
Structures 12 sailboats
Torpen Boats1 sailboat
Wauquiez 11 sailboats
Westerly 16 sailboats
X-Yachts72 sailboats
Yachting France7 sailboats

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