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The Wizz is a 14’5” dinghy designed by Jean Marie Finot. She was built by Bénéteau (France) and made of monolithic fiberglass / polyester. This sailboat was produced between 1981 and 1983 with 3625 hulls completed.
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Wizz's   Main Features
Model Wizz
Type of hull Monohull
Category Dinghy
Designer Jean Marie Finot
Construction Hull and deck:
monolithic fiberglass / polyester
First built hull 1981
Last built hull 1983
Number of hulls built 3625
Appendages Centerboard
Helm 1 tiller
Rudder 1 transom hung rudder
Cockpit Open aft cockpit
Unsinkable Yes
Trailerable Yes
French navigation category 6
Standard public price ex. VAT (indicative only) N/A
Wizz's   Main dimensions
Hull length 14’ 5”
Beam (width) 5’ 4”
Light displacement 154 lbs
Wizz's   Rig and sails
Upwind sail area 145 sq.ft
Mainsail area 113 sq.ft
Jib area 32 sq.ft
Rigging type Sloop Marconi fractional
Rotating spars No
Mast position Mast foot integrated on deck
Spars Mast and boom in Aluminum
Standing rigging 1x19 strand wire
Wizz's   Performances
Upwind sail area to displacementiThe ratio sail area to displacement is obtained by dividing the sail area by the boat's displaced volume to the power two-thirds.
The ratio sail area to displacement can be used to compare the relative sail plan of different sailboats no matter what their size. Upwind : under 18 the ratio indicates a cruise oriented sailboat with limited performances especially in light wind, while over 23 it indicates a fast sailboat.

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